Wednesday, January 31, 2007

More Progress!

I resurrected the test, edoc, clean, and release tasks tonight. Everything works as it should with the exception of edoc. There seems to be a conflict between edoc and xmerl in the newest version of erlang (R11B-3). I hope to figure out what the problem is and resolve it soon.

On a side note. I came across the cover module in the tools application of Erlang. Since I was working on the unit tests task at the time it seemed like a good idea to add this functionality to the build system either via a code coverage task or integration into the existing unit tests task. The only real issue is that all the dependent modules need to be recompiled with special coverage information to make cover work. This adds quite a bit of complexity to the feature. In any case, its on my list of new tasks to add.

I added one task additional, an analyze tasks. It seems the dialyzer folks finally made it controllable from erlang code. This allowed me to integrate dialyzer into sinan. Now running dialyzer will be as simple as running a build task. Hopefully, if dialyzer is easier to use it will get used more often.